Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Favorites ~ Episode 3 ~ for Sept 17

My Friday Favorites ~ Episode 3 ~ Featuring artists who share their work, humor, style and lives freely on FaceBook. Their work inspires me and makes me wish I could do some shopping! Here is this week's list in no particular order.

Neskat on Etsy ~ Etsy Shop
Beautiful, Cute, Sweet Wool Felt Hair Clips, Bookmarks, Necklaces, Pins, Coin Pouches ~ I love these and really need to order a hair clip soon, especially since there is a special sale in this shop ~
"Neskat Shop Announcement- Buy 3 Get The 4th Item for FREE- SALE Starts 09.10.2010 thru 09.20.2010".
Personally I think these are wonderful products for girls & women of all ages~ oh, and some things like the turtle coin pouch for boys also! I hope you'll visit these shops!
Neskat on Etsy
Neskat ArtFire Studio

Libby Goldsmith ~ Maylee's Garden Handmade Vegan Soap on ArtFire

I really enjoy reading Libby's escapades and daily events with her daughter on FaceBook. Libby's ArtFire Studio is beautiful and full of wonderful products: soaps, laundry detergent, perfume oils and dreadlock shampoo bar.
How about these Autumn Scents: Peppermint Chocolate Patty, Cinnamon and Vanilla Sugar, Chocolate Pumpkin Scented, Orange Spice.
A great shop to visit, sit back, take time to enjoy browsing!

Diamond Sand Etsy Shop

From the Etsy Shop Announcement:
"I make a lot of jewellery with semi precious stones, Pearls, and crystals. My hope is that you will find something special that you can treasure for years to come."
Lisa is from England, so the word Jewelry is spelled Jewellery.
This is very lovely, very feminine jewelry~ like the Butterfly Ball Necklace or the Alhambra Nights Earrings and the very sweet Crystal Charm Bracelet. No matter how you spell jewelry/jewellery, you'll love viewing the beautiful items in this shop!

Anne Disselhorst ~ Bella Sera Designs Etsy Shop
Anne always has interesting posts on FaceBook! Her Etsy Shop is full of the loveliest journals, cards and tags in luscious colors that capture the richness of life. (I suspect this reflects her real-life richness of life!)
Anne offers so many varieties from garden flowers to cupcakes to birds to French motif to botanical ~ about 10 pages of beautiful options! So many, there is just no way to select one favorite.
Pour a cup of tea and enjoy a visit to this shop!

Aprons by MeMe Etsy Shop
From the shop announcement: "Give me a Dish Towel and watch me create. It first came out of need. (Always had a missing dish towel) Now I can't live without mine. Once you have one of my Original Dish Towel Aprons you will know what I mean."
Visit this shop and browse through the lovely Aprons ~ yes, lovely aprons! My personal favorite is the 'Colorful Birdhouses Dish Towel Apron'~ great colors! Oh, and check out the 'Mommy and Me' Dish Towels Apron Sets!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these artists, and I hope you will spend some time visiting and shopping within their shops!

By the way, I placed my order tonight as I was working on this blog!
I purchased the "Neskat's Embroidered Wool Felt Hair Clip--New Design-2010-Elephant06". I collect elephants so I had to have one of these hair clips! Can hardly wait to wear it, so cute!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept 15 Special

September 15th Special ~ 15 Necklace/Earrings Sets Each Sale Priced at $20.00 ~ This is 50-60% off regular prices ~ Beautiful Jewelry ~ Amazing Low Price ~ Limited Time Only ~

Abundant Pearls Moon Goddess Necklace/Earrings Set $20 Sale

Passion Love Goddess 3 Necklace Set w Earrings $20 Sale

Autumn Plum Goddess Agate Fluorite Pearl Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Sapphire Blue Pearls Lampwork Glass Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Brown Jasper Magical Fish Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Autumn Empress Malachite Jasper Prosperity Long Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Golden Autumn Pearls Jasper Long Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Cloisonne Lapis Lazuli Inner Goddess Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Fuchite Hematite Happy Whale Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Paprika!Tourmaline, Pearls, Agate Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Jasper Labradorite Hematite Earth Goddess Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Trumpet Flowers and Pearls Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Amazonite and Bone Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Summer Delight Mother of Pearl Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Coral and Turquoise Necklace Earrings Set $20 Sale

Remember~ Limited Time Only ~ $20 Necklace/Earrings Sets

September 15th Special ~ 15 Necklace/Earrings Sets Each Sale Priced at $20.00 ~ This is 50-60% off regular prices ~ Beautiful Jewelry ~ Amazing Low Price ~ Limited Time Only ~

Update Sept 16, 2010 ~ Are you on my email list? Extra special savings and discounts are sent via email offers. There is a very special discount for Sept.16. You can sign up today!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Musings & Sale

September! I love this time of year when the mornings and evenings become cooler, the light and shadows change as summer gradually morphs into autumn. Even the sounds change, especially in the evenings, the songs of the crickets become a bittersweet tune as if sad the hot summer is ending. Every day I notice a few leaves here and there changing into orange, red, yellow shades of autumn.

Yes, I am aware I am very off schedule on my blogs. My only excuse is, once again, that life happens. Situations with my Mother's health, issues with her house arrangements, things that arise that take time, energy, attention away from my creativity.

Today I am posting details for my "AWESOME SALE" which starts today, Sept 12. Oh My! Literally my computer clock says it is 12:12pm as I am typing this! A good omen for us!

Today the following Four Necklace/Earring SETS are on sale for a mere $28 - regular prices are only $44-$46 - a really great sale price - a really great time to purchase! (Click on item name to connect to my ArtFire Studio.)

Freya Goddess Cloisonne Stones Necklace Earrings SET

Carnelian Red Aventurine Nature Goddess Necklace Earrings SET

Esmeralda Green Aventurine Goddess Necklace Earrings Set

Aura of Autumn Purple Necklace Earrings SET

I will change the line up of sale necklaces during the week, so check my ArtFire Studio often for updated details. You can also find details on my FaceBook page.

Until next time, enjoy each day, take time to share!