Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Two Years to Max the Cat

Happy Two Years to Max the Cat ~ he's such a big sweetie!

Max was appropriately named after the little boy Max in "Where the Wild Things Are" ~ and he still lives up to the mischievous name.

Max is always on the tallest furniture, or hiding under the bed so he can grab a leg as you walk by.

Max has been with me since birth~ his mom is my lovely cat Goldie who gave birth in a drawer on my RV!

Max was the cutest little kitten, and now a very handsome cat!

Happy Birthday, Max!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The whole world is watching.

I had a strange dream last night, one of those dreams that stays with you. In this dream I was speaking with a gathering of people. The setting was a combination of reality, cartoon-ish-ness and a scene from “The Neverending Story” movie, complete with an amazing group of characters representing the world, or maybe the galaxy.

Like in my previous dreams the Underlying Theme is that we are now a global people, all decisions must be made on a global basis. We can no longer afford to make choices based on each separate country’s needs, or greed.

{The following is a very simplistic view of events as presented in my dream.}

The Current Urgent Theme is to end this farce of a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war was in retaliation of the Sept 11th attack on our nation; our retribution was the bombing of Afghanistan. And, the search for Osama Bin Laden was begun. From that point on, the lines of truth and reality became blurred, and the USA attacked Iraq.

We all know now that there were no weapons of mass destruction. So why are we still fighting? Why are human beings dying for this farce of a war? Why are the USA people and the USA economy suffering for this conflict?

Afghanistan has been bombed. Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Retaliation has been completed.

The whole world is watching. We are global. Every country is aware of each other’s activities. The whole world is watching how the USA is managing, or mismanaging, her affairs.

It is truly beyond time to end the war, to bring home all the soldiers.

It is truly beyond time to refocus on the USA people, the USA economy, and to make our country strong again.

How better to assist the global process than by doing just that: Make our own people and our country strong again.

The shame will not be in retreating from this war, the shame will be continuing this farce of a war; a war that will not only kill more human beings but kill the USA economy and our place as a global leader as well.

It is time to show integrity within leadership: End the war, now.

Love & Peace,