Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Favorites ~ July 30th ~

There are so many talented female artists on Facebook who freely share photos of their work, their insights, their day-to-day stories, their humor and their ups-n-downs. I decided to do a "FRIDAY FAVORITES LIST" each week (on Friday of course) to highlight a few of these artists.

This first list is unabashedly biased-- my list includes my two daughters and artists I have purchased from. Nonetheless, these are all lovely, talented women who inspire me, and make me wish I could go on a shopping-spree!

Here is the list in no particular order!

Celeste Heldstab ~ Bayou Witch Incense - Where Magick Makes Scents
From her FB post: "LAMMAS FIRST HARVEST SALE - FREE SHIPPING!Beginning Friday Night July 30th, Monday August 2nd !!Whether you are a wholesale client or a retail shopper - free shipping can save you $$$....Loads of new and fun items to add to your Witches Cabinet!"
Celeste not only has marvelous products, she provides helpful, insightful information as well.

Linda Williams ~ LindaButterfly Etsy Shop and LindaCaterpillar Etsy Shop
From her FB post: "10% Discount for you - coupon from LindaButterfly Art & Cards - Apply this coupon to all prices in both my Etsy shops. The 10% is off the cost of the item, not the postage."
I particularly love Linda's watercolor paintings and cards, and have purchased several!

Carole Simcox ~ Amberdark Alchemy Etsy Shop
From her shop: "I truly love and collect antiques and vintage up to the 1940s and so the pieces used on my garments and accessories are geniune and carefully selected. My jewelry is comprised of Japanese Delicas and Seed Beads, Semi-precious gems and/or Lampwork beads."
Oh, I love her clothing, especially the 'waist cinchers'-- if only I had an occasion to wear one!

Annabel Graham ~ Wearable Whovian Jewellery
From her store: "A Whovian is a fan of the British Sci-Fi programme Doctor Who and I am unashamedly one of them. I have always loved the show, with my first Doctor being Tom Baker."
As a recent new fan of Doctor Who, I not only enjoy her jewelry, but all of her marvelous FB postings as well!

Lori Holcomb~ CherryMatador Etsy Shop
Lori creates "Modern jewelry with a Vintage flair" and now offers hair adornments as well.
(Lovely hair clips are perfect in this southern humidity!)
Lori also has Luxurious, Marvelous, Handmade Soap -- the only body soap I use! This wonderful soap is available at

Sara Kirkpatrick ~ BlueberryBandit Etsy Shop
Sara's work includes delightful whimsical soft toys, pin cushions, pouches, paintings, prints, gift tags, cards and more! Great gift ideas also. You'll love her cupcake gift tags for sure!
(By the way, I have quite a collection of her work!)

Bonnie Cehovet ~ Tarot
From her Bio: "Bonnie Cehovet is a Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over twelve years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer."
Bonnie's blog is informative, fascinating, instructional; providing reviews on Tarot decks, books, sites.

Caroline Dupuis ~ Cinderella Moments Etsy Shop
From her shop: "Cinderella Moments is proud to make 100% handmade products for your cottage, shabby chic and romantic house...miniature cottage houses, exquisite dollhouses and beautiful art for your elegant home!"
You will be amazed at her miniature paper houses, doll houses, gift boxes, pincushions!

Okay, that's my current list for Friday Favorites! I hope you enjoyed reading about these lovely ladies, and I hope you'll visit their shops!

Till next time, Be Kind~Share a Smile ~ Love & Peace ~