Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year ~ A Return to Magic ~

Happy New Year!!

Every once in a while I receive a reminder, usually in a dream, that I have become too busy, too serious, that I have forgotten there is *magic* in every day; if I will only slow down, I will certainly find that *magic* again. I love having those dreams, especially when they are strong enough to get the message through to me.

Every day *magic* is in the chirping of birds just outside a window, the love in a grandchild's eyes, the purr of a cat, the sound of children giggling, the colors in a sunrise or sunset, dark chocolate melting on one's tongue, the beauty of a snowflake, and so on. Very simple to find that *magic* every day if only one slows down!

I'm very excited to present new jewelry pieces that, I hope, capture some *magic*! Have you ever been to a large Zoo, Circus or Venue where they have the *magical machines* that press your coin into a large oval with a new design? Have you seen or felt the excitement a child feels watching that coin reemerge as something new & *magical*? I was very fortunate to find a vendor with a large variety of vintage elongated coins for sale, realizing they would be perfect for my jewelry!

How sweet for Valentine's Jewelry: Vintage elongated coins embossed with "I Love You" ~ "True Love Forever" ~ "Good For a Hug & a Kiss Anytime Anywhere"! Where did these coins come from: A young couple madly in love? A older couple still crazy in love after all these years? I hope these vintage coins bring *magic* from those moments into my jewelry!

Do you ever feel there is something *magical* in vintage items? What did this Key open: a room, a steam trunk, a studio, a magic box? I hope the key brings *magic* to this necklace!

With this return to *magic* I will utilize more vintage components in my jewelry, rather than try to create most of my own pendants and charms. This will also be a contribution to 'being green'!

Hope this New Year 2011 will be spectacular and full of *magic* for all of us!

"Oh, 'tis love, 'tis love that makes the world go round."-Lewis Carroll

Love and a good bit of *magic* ~ Gilannie