Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gardening Leap of Faith

When I moved at the end of last July, I dug up as much of my garden as possible to take with me. Herbs and flowers, mainly, plants I thought would survive the move. These plants had to adapt to being in containers; all survived the move, however only a few survived the extremely cold winter.

New plants I purchased today included lemon balm, cinnamon sage, peppermint, rosemary, green pepper, zinnia (bee flowers), red begonias, red salvia, pink gaura butterfly (my favorite). Sprouting new growth from last year's garden are hyssop, chocolate mint peppermint, and some rosemary survived. I am waiting on the pineapple sage- hoping it returns!

Today was heavenly as I spent most of the afternoon arranging new plants into containers. The sky was blue, the temperature near 70-degrees, birds singing in the trees and a breeze blowing, perfect for working in my garden.

After planting everything I wandered through the woods finding stones of all shapes and sizes to decorate my container garden area. I came across some old pieces of fencing, partly buried, that I salvaged to fashion a fence around the area - so cool, oxidized iron, very decorative! The fence adds quite a quaint country look to my updated container garden.

My gardens always contain a wide variety of whimsical things, many are gifts from my daughters, and some are 'treasures' from friends, yard sales and thrift stores. Now that I think about it, many of my whimsy items are still in storage. (Note to self, retrieve these from storage soon.)

During the next few weeks I will be adding more plants: veggies, herbs and flowers, more containers, more stones, more whimsical items and more colors.

Since I am living here in the woods only temporarily, I had to make a choice about my garden this spring. Although I was offered a small area of land to plant in by the owners (which I greatly appreciate), I decided to continue with container gardening. This is my leap of faith, not 'taking root' here figuratively or literally. My garden will not be as large as in the past, and will not have the variety as in the past, but it will be my garden that I love to tend. It will be easy to take with me when the time comes to move!

All in all, a much needed marvelous day to take a leap of faith and bring life, and colors, into my container garden. As always, dog.Zorra was at my side, insisting I stop to throw the Frisbee for her now and then.

I freely admit, I am happiest being outside, gardening - it is my bliss!

Happy Spring! Happy Gardening to My Fellow Gardeners!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lizards, Clouds, Sunset in Spring

~Photos captured throughout a lovely day in early spring~

Lazy Lizard in the Sun

Bunny Cloud in Blue Sky

Curious Lizard stayed to visit

Migrating Clouds

Lizard Scampering into Corner

Pastel Pink Evening Clouds with Moon

Mellow Sunset

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Magic of Springtime Begins!

Last night was the first Spring-like evening, a prelude to the Vernal Equinox today. After an unusually long and bitterly cold winter, Spring is here; and with Springtime, the Magic of Life!

Friday evening was Magical! Walking with dog.Zorra through the woods just before sunset, the Spring Peeper Frogs were filling the emptiness between the still bare trees with Songs; joyous, jubilant frog songs! Leaving the woods, I saw the first Bat of spring flitting overhead, chasing the first flying bugs of Spring.

The setting Sun intensified from pastel into deep red/orange on the horizon.

Then through the tree tops the waxing New Moon appeared, like a giant grin in the sky, smiling over this first true spring evening.

Not wanting the Magic to end, we wandered around until late under the New Moon enjoying the first warm evening in so many months, delighting in the sights and sounds of Life re-emerging all around.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Little Rings for Spring

Working on Pretty Little Rings for Spring ~ These are hammered in areas for texture & strength.
Also, I process the rings in the tumbler for extra strength.

Here are some photos of the first group

Copper Butterly Ring

Deep Blue Fluorite in Copper Ring

Pastel Lavender Jade in Copper Ring

Pastel Lavender Jade in Silver Ring

Small Turquoise in Silver Ring
Oh, I think my granddaughter has called 'dibs' on this one ;-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Little Ones Make My Day

Those of you who have Grandchildren will understand ~ they lighten my spirit, they brighten my heart, they make my day!

During a recent skype video call with my granddaughter, Thalia (8-years-old), she wanted to see the gift I had made for her, she didn't want to wait. So I showed her the 'elven tree' I made for her to hang in her room. (Don't you just love this technology, webcam video calling!!)

Behind her my grandson (Aiden 5-years-old) popped up and asked where was his gift, didn't I have a gift for him, with a very sad puppy dog expression on his face.

I explained that this was a special gift for Thalia as she's had a little rough spell. He said he had a rough spell, too, so he should get a gift. (He knows I can't refuse him, my little sweetie...) I showed him a few items I was working on, birds, elephants. He very sadly said that he did not want anything like that.

So I asked little Aiden what he would like. Oh did his face light up. "Grammy," he said, "I would like CHOCOLATE." (Except that he says it "clocolate")

Since I am rarely without 'clocolate' in the house, I reached into my cabinet, grabbed a Dove Dark Chocolate Bar and flashed it in front of the webcam. "Oh, like this?" I asked him.

"YES" he replied with his little face all smiles.

So Saturday morning on the way to my Mom's house, I make a quick side trip to their house and dropped off the gift bags. Thalia was already outside. She came running with her usual exuberant yell of "GRAMMY!!!!!" and wrapped her entire body around me. Aiden came running out the front door, barefooted, with his own yell of "GRAMMY!!" and gave me his special 'monkey' hug.

Thalia was happy with her 'elven tree' which belongs to a story I made up for her when she was younger. Aiden is a 'clocolate' monster, the bar was most likely gone a few moments!

I had to leave then to drive on to my Mom's house. It was well worth the extra drive time from my city to their city, then onto my mom's city!

These little moments are 'priceless' as they say.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now a Pendant Necklace

The next step for my just-finished Polymer Clay Pendants ~ make into Necklaces!

Here are the first four completed:

This is the Mountain Bluebird ~ a more-pastel blue than the Eastern Bluebird ~ on silver chain with hammered swirls like tiny branches ~ wire-wrapped freshwater pearls dangle like little blossoms!

The Bluebird of Happiness ~ Eastern Bluebird ~ on copper wire chain, hammered spirals & swirls like graceful branches ~ with lovely turquoise stone beads!

The Abundance Tree ~ I love trees! ~ Pendant is adorned with large oval Turquoise stone (wire-wrapped) ~ on brass chain with smaller oval turquoise & fire polished crystal dangles!

Good Fortune Owl Pendant Necklace ~ In some cultures the Owl represents Good Fortune, in others, Wisdom ~ This cute owl will at least put a smile on your face!

More new necklaces, bracelets to come!
I think Spring is nearly here!! Live-Laugh-Love!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Polymer Clay Pieces in Progress

It's so much fun to blend color pigment powders to create just the right color.
I then apply (paint) the color onto the polymer clay pieces, one layer at a time.
Then I blend the next color, or shade and apply that layer. I like that the
end result has an enameled look.

Here are photos of current pieces in progress:

It is a slow process but I love to make each piece a unique work of art to wear!
Off to paint ~ 'till next time, Live~Laugh~Love!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to March

March is full of exciting days: 14th we change to Daylight Savings Time ~ 17th is St.Patrick's Day ~ 20th is the Vernal Equinox ~ 25th is Palm Sunday ~ March 30th is Passover.

Aquamarine is the March Birthstone ~ Jonquil is the March Flower ~

Today I worked on Polymer Clay Pendants and Charms ~ imprint, style, stamp, shape, cut, etc. The weather was so nice I set up my craft oven outside to bake the clay pieces. What a lovely change of pace, and weather, to sit outside while working!

They don't look like much yet, however, tomorrow I'll mix up pigment colors and start to paint each one.

After painting and sealing each I'll add adornments and make into necklaces.

Spring is on the way ~ smile!!