Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Lesson Learned In My Garden

Weeding Out Toxic Plants, Toxic People

Forgiveness, a difficult subject. Most of us have been injured, harmed, maybe even betrayed by another human being at some point in our lives. We all handle forgiveness in different ways, over varying lengths of time.

There is a step beyond forgiveness, at least for me, which is: Do I want to be around this human being anymore? I have pondered this for quite some time. It has worried me. After all, if one has forgiven and forgotten, shouldn't the waters return to a calmness?

Can everyone be forgiven? Can all situations be forgotten? Sometimes the harming human being has become what I call a 'toxic person' - toxic to one's spirit, toxic to one's creativity, maybe even toxic to one's sanity - as toxic as a poison.

The toxic person has apparently never learned to be kind, never learned to speak with encouragement, never learned to treat others with respect. The toxic person may continue to offend with obscene comments, with abusive remarks, with extremely cruel comments, with betrayals.

A lesson learned in my garden: If I nurture my garden by removing toxic weeds, can I nurture my spirit by removing toxic people?

Yes, I now believe it is the only sane solution - forgive and forget, but keep myself a safe distance from any toxic people; they simply are not allowed into my life.

Now I envision My Spirit as a Beautiful Garden - a garden only I can nurture, weeding out toxic plants, toxic people.

Wishing a beautiful Springtime for us all. ~Love & Peace~